Safety Requirements For Advanced Motorcycle Training

Safety Requirements For Advanced Motorcycle Training


Every motorcycle will be required to go through a tech inspection.
The following item must me masked off, taped over, or removed:
luggage racks
running lights
turn signals
any lights or glass items that are exposed.
Motorcycle must be free of oil and/or coolant leaks.
Tires on the motorcycle must have at least 65% tread left on them and free of plugs or patches.
If there is a safety related problem with your motorcycle, it is at the discretion of the tech official to pass it.
If you crash your motorcycle, you must have it re-inspected before continuing.

 1.   Riders are required to have a full face helmet that meet or exceed Snell, DOT & ECE 22.05 Standards.
2.   Rider must wear the following: 1 or 2 piece leathers, a leather or textile riding jacket that has protection in both the elbows and shoulders.
3.   If the rider doesn’t have leather pants, then wearing two pairs of jeans will be acceptable.
4.   Rider must wear leather performance gloves that have a long cuff on it and are free from holes.
5.   Rider must wear closed toe shoes or boots that rise up past there ankle.
6.   Back protectors are not mandatory but are highly recommended.
7.   Every Rider must bring there gear thru tech for inspection. If any of the gear has scratches, crash damage, old or looks unsafe, it is at the discretion of the tech official to not allow it.



1.   The speed limit in the paddock is 5 mph. This Rule is heavily enforced and will result in ejection from the event if abused.
2.   No alcohol in the paddock area during the operating hours of the event.
3. Each rider entered into the AMT or Track day event are responsible for there actions and there guests. Obscene language, fighting or mischief behavior is all actions for ejection from the event.